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Not Your Average Room Divider Ideas – How To Create Privacy and Function With Style


Our homes come in many different shapes and sizes – some that work perfectly for you and your family, and others that may need a little bit of creativity and vision to make the space functional and stylish. For example, many of the new construction homes in King and Snohomish County are built with an open and functional floor plan -a great room and bright, open kitchen. After all, this seems to be where the family and guests tend to gather – the heart of the home! With creative room dividers, you can give these multi-purpose rooms balance and create a sense of division and privacy. Depending on your style and what you are trying to achieve, you can make your house cozy and warm as well as elegant and stylish using room dividers. Here are a few examples that work great for main living areas:


Room dividers are also a terrific option for kids bedrooms. With a
simple screen or sheer drapes you can give warmth and definition to play
space and sleep space. Room dividers also work great for kids that share a bedroom.

kids-room-divider thG6I85ETS

Office space is often times carved out of another area in your home and can also benefit from some definition. Even in a designated office or den, which many homes in Mill Creek, Bothell and surrounding areas have, a simple room divider can offer some privacy while removing distractions.

mill creek homes for sale with home offices       Creative-Ideas-For-White-Bookshelf-As-Room-Divider

Whether you currently live in a newer or older home, or plan to move in the near future, there are many creative room divider ideas to help make your space the absolute best for you and your family, while still adding a touch of your style to the finished look.

Room dividers can be great do-it-yourself projects – they don’t have to be a permanent fixture in your home and give you a chance to make your
home not only functional, but with a twist of your personal style!

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